Perfetto Application


Perfetto Application How to apply LEVEL FINISH's top of the line clear coat, Perfetto. ULTRA-HIGH SOLID, HIGH GLOSS CLEAR qualities deliver easy spraying, single coat application with exceptional results. Its anti-dust and self-leveling technologies reduce dirt nibs and orange peel texture, thereby reducing, and even eliminating the need for sanding. With the newest UV protection, PERFETTO’s ultra-high gloss finish will be maintained for up to 10 years. Perfetto preserves the luster of your work for years to come. PERFETTO ADVANTAGE: 65% Ultra-High solid, Super Gloss One coat coverage (60 microns / 2.36 mil) Maximum-Antistatic repels dust to significantly reduce nibs. Less prone to the silicone or oil (fisheyes) Super High Gloss, Crystal Clear finish New Age UV protection Non-yellowing 5-year UV Warranty Easy Self-leveling Strong vertical stability Fast bake10-15 min at 140°f (60°c) (3-4 hours air dry, 68 degrees+ F) Easy to sand, wet or dry & easy polish Ideal for complete paint jobs or panels 2:1 ratio for hardener, no reducer needed Products: Pro Bundle: Dark Blue foam cutting pad: Baby Blue foam finishing pad: LP1- Leveling Polish: NLC - Next Level Cut: VELOCITY GLOSS PTFE WAX body shop safe: Honer Disk: Forever Disk: Perfetto Ultra high solid clear coat: #cardetailing #levelcardetail #detailing #carcare #paintcorrection #polishing #dualactionpolisher

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