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Velocity Gloss PTFE Infused Wax

Velocity Gloss PTFE Infused Wax

Liquid PTFE Speed Wax for Deep, Glossy Shine, Paint Protection and Hydrophobic Coating

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Experience the brilliance of VELOCITY GLOSS car wax. Creating a high gloss shine with a PTFE-infused protection is fast and easy with Velocity Gloss. Achieve an irresistible wet-looking shine and enhanced depth to your paint, while adding hydrophobic properties and keep your vehicle's surface protected from damaging UV rays, dirt, grime and fallout. A must-have for any car detailing kit, available in 8oz and 16oz bottles.

  • PTFE CAR WAX SEALANT PROTECTION: Experience the brilliance of our high-quality VELOCITY GLOSS car wax that delivers an unparalleled high gloss shine, thanks to its unique blend of polymer-infused PTFE sealant wax protection.
  • HYBRID FORMULA: This car wax forms a strong bond with your vehicle's surface, for an elevated level of gloss, shine, and paint protection. It enhances the depth and richness of the car paint, creating an irresistible wet-looking shine.
  • HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES and SMOOTH FINISH: Our high-quality PTFE-infused wax creates hydrophobic properties that cause water to bead up and roll off. It is the best car wax for deterring corrosion and keeping the finish cleaner.
  • NEXT LEVEL GLOSS and SHINE: Level Velocity Gloss Car Wax creates an almost glowing, unbeatable shine to any car paint. It is a must-have for any car detailing kit. 
  • EASY TO USE: The silky-smooth formula can be applied by hand or with a DA polisher. Due to its super smooth formulation is goes on extremely easy and is wipes off even easier. Velocity Gloss is sun friendly, but for best results apply in the shade.

Velocity Gloss SDS


  1. Apply 6-8 pea-sized drops of VELOCITA GLOSS on an applicator or soft, finishing foam pad.
  2. Cover all painted surfaces with a thin coat and cover a section or panel at a time.
  3. Allow the wax to bond to the paint for at least 15 minutes to achieve the highest level of gloss and hydrophobic slickness.
  4. Remove excess product using a clean, dry, edgeless microfiber towel and buff the surface to reveal an extremely high gloss finish.
  5. Reapply every 6 to 12 months based on vehicle usage, weather conditions, and maintenance.
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