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Ceramic Multi-Hole Forever Discs (25ct)

Ceramic Multi-Hole Forever Discs (25ct)

Superior Ceramic abrasives, fast, consistent, long-lasting sanding discs.

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CERAMIC FOREVER DISCS with COASTER COATING technology provides superior benefits of ceramic abrasives for the fastest and most consistent stock removal available. The diamond-like pattern evenly cut surfaces with micro-replication. FOREVER Discs are design to move air between the disc and surface creating micro-vacuums to move out debris. Our uniquely designed multi-hole pattern easily adapts to any vacuum system and creates industry leading extraction.

Next-Generation Ceramic abrasives are applied to a film backing to extend the life of the Ceramic FOREVER DISCS by 3 to 5 times longer over comparable discs, resulting in much more productivity per disc.

Available in 5" & 6" sizes and p80, p180, p320, p400 and p600 grits.


  • Coaster Coating technology
  • 3X faster cutting performance
  • Film Backing = Longer disc life
  • Even, efficient LEVEL sanding
  • Multi hole pattern for easy vacuum alignment


Attach Forever Disc Hook and Loop backing plate. Adjust the orbital sander to the desired speed. Place the sanding disc with the sander directly on the working surface and turn on the sander. Move the sander back and forth in slow overlapping motions until desired stock removal is reached.

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