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Fabric Armor, Ceramic Fabric Coating Spray

Fabric Armor, Ceramic Fabric Coating Spray

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FABRIC ARMOR is a superior Ceramic, spray-on coating that penetrates deep into fabric and carpet fibers to create a durable, long-lasting Ceramic-Polymer Protective Armor against dirt build up and satins. FABRIC ARMOR bonds with the fabric to protect and repel liquids and dirt from penetrating. Long-lasting FABRIC ARMOR will protect and repel spills, grime and dirt from damaging fabric, carpet and upholstery to help maintain a "like new" appearance.

DIRECTIONS. Apply to new or CLEAN carpet, fabric and upholstery by simply spraying on and lightly rubbing into the material. Allow to dry and re-apply a second coat for longer-lasting, Armor-like protection. Allow to dry completely before use.

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