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Honer Disc (15ct)

Honer Disc (15ct)

Engineered to refine sand scratches, save time and eliminate the need for heavy cutting compounds

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Required For Best Result! 👇 Liquid Leveler, Sanding Polish
Liquid Leveler, Sanding Polish
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Forever Sanding Discs (25pk)
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HONER DISCS are specifically engineered to refine sand scratches (p1200-p2500) on painted surfaces to reduce the amount of time spent polishing and eliminate the need for cutting compounds. The foam-backed discs provide consistent contact with the surface, leveling the surface, and leaving perfectly uniform scratches for quick and easy polishing. 

Honer Disc's spongy foam absorbs lubricants that allows it to maintain a unform sanding pattern and a comfortable feel while sanding. This enables the user greater precision and more efficient leveling process. Honer Discs Coaster Coating Technology, longer disc life, more even, uniform sanding and leveling advantages sets it well above the competition. These advantages also make LEVEL Honer Discs Honer more cost effective to help every body shop more profitable. Increase sanding refinement by using LEVEL Liquid Leveler sanding polish and sanding lubricant. 

Attach disc to LEVEL’s Piston Hook interface pad. Adjust orbital sander to desired speed. Place sanding disc with sander directly on working surface and turn on sander. Using a spray bottle, mist surface with LEVEL's Liquid Leveler, sanding lubricant or soapy water, then move the sander back and forth in slow overlapping motions until desired outcome is reached.

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