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Marine Atomic Cut, Heavy Gel-Coat Cutting Compound

Marine Atomic Cut, Heavy Gel-Coat Cutting Compound

Marine/RV Gel Coat Polishing-Compound, Oxidation Remover, Fiberglass Restoration, Boat Polish

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Wool-Foam Hybrid Cutting/Polishing Pad
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MARINE ATOMIC CUT is an Extra FAST cutting compound specifically designed to cut gel coats and other hard clear coats. MARINE ATOMIC CUT compound will quickly cut and level gel coats and hard clear coats to a smooth shiny finish. MARINE ATOMIC CUT is a thick water-based, liquid compound constructed with heavy cutting micro abrasives to remove coarse scratches from both fresh and fully cured gel coats using a heavy cutting pad. After the heavy scratches are removed, MARINE ATOMIC CUT will refine the remaining scratches to a brilliant, glossy finish using a finishing pad. Can be used with a rotary buffer or a DA polisher.

  • SCRATCH REMOVER for DEEP SCRATCHES: This 2 in 1 car Gel coat compounding polish will remove paint scratches and defects to create a flawless finish. 
  • WATER-BASE FORMULA: No added kerosene or solvents to manipulate the gel coat Effectively eliminates sanding scratches, paint defects, imperfections, and oxidation without ever over lacerating the surface or leaving heavy swirl marks behind.
  • FLAWLESS CUTTING and POLISHING: Achieve a flawless, high-gloss finish on all gel coat and hard clear coats. ATOMIC CUT's abrasives effortlessly eliminate swirl marks and holograms, all without the use of fillers.
  • BODY SHOP SAFE FORMULA: This fast, aggressive gel coat polishing compound removes paint defects and leaves a brilliant shine and gloss without harmful solvents, kerosene, crystalline silica, or fillers that can compromise the finish.


  • Made for Gel coat cutting compound
  • Heavy cutting abrasives
  • One Product to cut & polish
  • No fillers to hind scratches
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Easy wipe-off
  • Water-base, non-Petroleum
  • Sun Friendly
  • Rotary or DA Orbital
  • 250ml, 1 liter & 1 gallon

SDS Sheets

Before and After

Shake well and apply 6 to 7 dime-size drops of MARINE ATOMIC CUT on your choice of wool or cutting foam pad and buff a 2’ X 2’ area at a time. Use slow back-and-forth overlapping motions to remove all scratches. Once the scratches are removed, apply 6 to 7 dime-size drops of MARINE ATOMIC CUT on a polishing or finishing foam pad. Polish with the same overlapping motions, keeping the pad flat on the surface to remove holograms and swirl marks. Wipe off excess with a clean microfiber towel to reveal a level, glossy finish. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

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