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NLC, Next Level Cut & Polish

NLC, Next Level Cut & Polish

2 in 1 Car Polishing-Compound, Car Scratch Remover for Deep Scratches, and Hologram and Swirl Remover

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NLC, NEXT LEVEL CUT and POLISH. Restore your car's shine with NLC, a powerful 2-in-1 car polishing compound that effortlessly polishes away swirls and imperfections. Powered by our New-LEVEL Technology, it delivers unparalleled cutting and polishing performance. The water-based formula of our car polishing compound features 5 distinct abrasives that effectively remove sanding scratches, paint defects, and oxidation. Say goodbye to heavy swirl marks and over-lacerated surfaces. Use NLC scratch remover for deep scratches with a cutting pad to remove scratches or with a polishing pad to remove swirl marks and create a smooth finish and high gloss shine.

  • SCRATCH REMOVER FOR DEEP SCRATCHES: This 2 in 1 car polishing compound and swirl remover will remove paint scratches and defects to make your car paintwork flawless again. Unleash unrivaled cutting and polishing power with our groundbreaking New-LEVEL Technology, surpassing all others.
  • ULTIMATE CAR POLISH: Its water-based formula with 5 distinct abrasives effectively eliminates sanding scratches, paint defects, imperfections, and oxidation without ever over lacerating the car surface or leaving heavy swirl marks behind.
  • FLAWLESS CAR DETAILING: Experience a flawless, high-gloss car paint finish as our top-notch polishing abrasives effortlessly eliminate swirl marks and holograms, all without the use of fillers.
  • VERSATILE CAR DETAILING SUPPLIES: When used with a cutting pad, NLC 2 in 1 car polishing compound effectively removes scratches, while with a polishing pad, it eliminates swirl marks and holograms to achieve a high gloss finish.
  • BODY SHOP SAFE FORMULA: Our ultimate car polishing compound removes paint defects and leaves behind a stunning shine and gloss, all without the need for harmful solvents, kerosene, crystalline silica, or fillers that can compromise the finish.


  • Aggressive Compound
  • Fine Finishing Polish
  • 5 different abrasives
  • One Product, 2 jobs
  • One-step capability
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Easy wipe-off
  • Non-Petroleum, water-base
  • Sun Friendly
  • Rotary or Orbital
  • 250ml, 1 liter & 1 gallon



    For heavy scratches, apply 6 to 7 dime-size drops of NLC on the wool cutting pad provided in the kit.

    Buff a 2' x 2' area at a time using slow back-and-forth overlapping motions.

    Repeat the process on areas of the vehicle that need to have sanding scratches, paint scratches, paint imperfections and defects removed.

    Once scratches are removed, switch to the foam polishing/finishing pad.

    Apply 6 to 7 dime-size drops of NLC on the pad.

    Polish using the same overlapping motions, keeping the pad flat to the surface.

    Continue working on a 2' x 2' section at a time until desired paint correction is achieved.

    Wipe off excess product with a clean microfiber towel before you move to another section of the vehicle.

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