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Next-LEVEL MPC Multi Purpose Cleaner

Next-LEVEL MPC Multi Purpose Cleaner

Engineered for automotive excellence, this powerful solution tackles dirt, grime, and grease with ease. Whether it's your car's sleek exterior, interior surfaces, or hard-to-reach nooks, our cleaner delivers unparalleled performance.

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Next-LEVEL CONCENTRATE MPC is a powerful Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This amazing Hyper-concentrated, Homogeneous formula uses the versatility and strength of Organic Citrus and enhanced detergents to create the “Next-Level” in cleaning. This small package produces the equal strength, when diluted 55:1, to the industry’s leading 4:1 concentrate. Whether the job needs extreme cleaning strength to remove tough grease and road grime or a strong but gentle cleaner to remove tough stains on carpet and upholstery, MPC has the power for it. MPC Organic d-Limonene cleaning-degreaser is ideal for external cleaning; bug removal, tar, fresh tree sap, organic stains (blood, vomit, urines), grease, ink, etc. For interior projects MPC also destroys odor causing bacteria. Body Shop Safe. 


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DIRECTIONS: Follow the dilution ratios below to fit the cleaning job needed. Exterior; spray directly on the surface and wipe off grime with microfiber towel or scrub with a brush. Once dirt, and grime are removed, completely wipe off or rinse off MPC. Interior; dilute to regular strength and clean fabric and other interior surfaces with LEVEL Miracle Cloth or microfiber towel. Wipe off completely with clean, damp microfiber towel and dry. 

DILUTION: (H20:MPC) Interior/Light Duty 60:1; Regular Strength 50:1; Extra Strength 45:1; MAX Strength 35:1

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