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Perfetto Ultra High Solid Clear

Perfetto Ultra High Solid Clear

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PERFETTO ULTRA-HIGH SOLID, HIGH GLOSS CLEAR is a 65% High Solid, super glossy clear coat. It is a single coat application, in most situations that sprays smooth and delivers exceptional results. PERFETTO's anti-dust, self-leveling and strong vertical stability technologies reduce dirt nibs and orange peel texture, thereby reducing, and in many cases even eliminates the need for sanding.

With the newest UV protection, PERFETTO’s ultra-high gloss finish will be maintained for up to 10 years. PERFETTO's quality, advanced technologies and crystal clear, high gloss finish will preserve the luster of your work for years to come.


  • 65% Ultra-High solid, Super Gloss
  • One coat coverage (60 microns / 2.36 mil)
  • Maximum-Antistatic repels dust to significantly reduce nibs.
  • Less prone to the silicone or oil (fisheyes) 
  • Super High Gloss, Crystal Clear finish
  • New Age UV protection
  • Non-yellowing 5-year UV Warranty 
  • Easy Self-leveling
  • Strong vertical stability
  • Fast bake10-15 min at 140°f (60°c) 
  • (3-4 hours air dry, 68 degrees+ F) 
  • Easy to sand, wet or dry & easy polish
  • Ideal for complete paint jobs or panels
  • 2:1 ratio for hardener, no reducer needed 

Perfetto SDS

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