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Premium Spray Detailing Kit - Ceramic Coating, Waterless Car Wash & Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, & Leather Restorer

Premium Spray Detailing Kit - Ceramic Coating, Waterless Car Wash & Plastic, Rubber, Vinyl, & Leather Restorer

The Best Spray On Detailing kit. Make your Vehicle, Boat, RV or ATV Shine Like New With This Premium Detail Kit

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UNLOCK the CLEANING, REVIVING and Ceramic Coating PROTECTION POWER of LEVEL 5, REVIVE & THRIVE and QUICK DETAIL in this Special Car Detailing Kit!

CLEANING - QUICK DETAIL & WATERLESS Car Wash is the absolute easiest way to clean and detail your car, inside and out! Suitable for every surface of your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, and Boat - exterior and interior, this waterless, ANITI-Static car cleaning and detailing formula easily removes dirt, smudges and grime. Interior or exterior car cleaning and detailing, QUICK DETAIL is so easy to use and delivers amazing results… just spray-on and wipe-off grime, dust, smudge marks, and fingerprints, and then buff paint, plastic, and glass to a brilliant shine. Quick Detail creates an anti-static barrier on leather, vinyl, plastic, chrome, rubber, glass, fabric, and carpets so dust and dirt will not stick as easily. 

REVIVING - REVIVE & THRIVE restores the original color and luster of your car's plastic and rubber car parts. Our powerful plastic restorer for cars formula revives and moisturizes while reconditioning worn-down plastic, rubber, and vinyl. REVIVE the appearance of aged car parts, inside and out, so your car can THRIVE with rich, deep color without using dyes, pigments, or silicone additives. This multipurpose interior and exterior car restoration and conditioning spray can be applied on bumpers, rubber, plastic, leather, vinyl, dashboards, consoles, door panels, seats, and car trim. REVIVE & THRIVE! Recommended every 1x a month or as needed.

CERAMIC COATING PROTECTION - LEVEL 5 is the NEXT-Level spray-on waterless car wash, detail spray, and ceramic coating for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, RVs, and Boats. This 5 in 1 formula cleans almost any exterior and interior surface as it details and lays down a protective Ceramic Coating all over your vehicle. LEVEL 5 waterless car wash cleans paint, chrome, plastic, and rubber on the outside of your vehicle and the plastic, dashboard, door panels, console, vinyl, and leather seats on the inside while adding a strong protective Ceramic Coating shield. LEVEL 5 adds ceramic coating protection as is creates a lasting high-gloss shine on paint and exterior plastic and rubber trim. Just Spray-on, Wipe-off dirt & grim, let set for a few seconds, and buff to a high gloss shine. Definitely NEXT-Level detailing!  

This Spray Cleaner, Reviving, and Ceramic Coating kit is a must-have for your car detailing kit. Kit Includes:

  • LEVEL 5 Spray Detail and Ceramic Coating, 16oz - 500ml
  • REVIVE & THRIVE, Plastic Restoration for Cars, 16oz - 500ml
  • QUICK DETAIL & Water-less Car Wash, 16oz - 500ml
  • Applicator pad, 3 x 4.25”
  • Detailing brushes, 1 small and 1 large
  • 2 Plush Orange, high-quality 500 GSM microfiber towels, 16x16”
  • 2 Thick Gray, high-quality 380 GSM microfiber towels, 16x16”

Get professional results in a few simple steps: First, SHAKE WELL.

  1. Spray on any surface, inside or outside your
  2. Use a clean microfiber towel, folded in fours and gently remove dirt and grime, with a single-direction wipe.
  3. Let LEVEL 5 set on the surface for at least 15 seconds. This allows the ceramic coating to penetrate the surface.
  4. Now, refold the microfiber towel to a clean section and buff the surface for a smooth, slick, glossy shine.
  5. Apply a second coat for a thicker ceramic coating, for longer-lasting protection.
  6. Use it as a detail spray to effortlessly clean and enhance various surfaces.
  7. Spray on leather, plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces, let set, and wipe off or buff to a pristine shine.
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