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Primus High Solid Filling Primer Black & White

Primus High Solid Filling Primer Black & White

Next LEVEL 75% High Solid, Fast Drying, High Build Primer. Easy to sand, easy to use.

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PRIMUS HIGH SOLID, FILLING PRIMER is a high build - filling primer that is fast-drying, and easy to sand. Primus has excellent filling and self-leveling properties. It also has strong adhesion and vertical stability. It can be used for large and small projects. Apply directly to bare, sanded, degreased metal. It does not need a sealer prior to the base primer coat.

Fast drying, normally from 6 to 12 minutes depending on humidity, speeds up cycle times. No need to spray this primer in the evening so it can dry completely overnight.  Primus is so easy to sand, which can begin as soon as 6 to 12 mins after its sprayed. An easy mix ratio of 4:1. No reducer needed.


  • 75% High Solid, Concentrated Formula
  • 1 coat capable (40 microns/1.6 mil)
  • Excellent filling properties
  • Fantastic self-leveling
  • Fast drying with short cure times
  • Basecoat absorption free
  • Strong adhesion and vertical stability
  • Easy sanding, wet or dry
  • 4:1 ratio 4+1, thinner free
  • Slow curing formulations

White Primus SDS

Black Primus SDS

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