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Purezza High Solid Clear Primer

Purezza High Solid Clear Primer

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PUREZZA HIGH SOLID CLEAR PRIMER for CARBON FIBER. PUREZZA is specially designed to bond to carbon fiber parts, allowing the purest, crystal-clear finish to be realized. PUREZZA enhances the depth and image in the carbon fiber to be achieved as PUREZZA fills pinholes and defects in carbon fiber parts.


  • State-of-the-art crystal clear
  • Very high solid
  • 1 coat capable (40 microns/1.6 mil)
  • Excellent filling properties
  • Excellent self-leveling
  • Fast drying
  • Short cure times
  • Basecoat absorption free
  • Strong adhesion and vertical stability
  • Easy sanding, wet or dry
  • 2:1 ratio

Purezza SDS

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