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Quick Detail Spray

Quick Detail Spray

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Quick Car Detail & Waterless Car Wash is the absolute easiest way to clean, detail and add shine and luster to your car - Inside and Out. Quick Car Detail & waterless Car Wash's advanced emulsifiers removes dirt, dust & grime by simply Spraying-on any exterior surface and then Wiping-off for a Quick Waterless car wash. Spray-on & Wipe-off, using our plush microfiber towel, paint, chrome, plastic, rubber and glass on the exterior and either Spray-on the plush microfiber towel or directly on leather or vinyl seats, plastic trim, dashboards, side panels and glass in the interior. Then turn the microfiber towel to a clean, soft section and buff to achieve a brilliant glossy finish. Fortified with PTFE sealant, Quick Car Detail & Waterless Car Wash adds a lasting hydrophobic, slick protection to help rain and moisture bead up and run off. Quick Car Detail also has Anti-Static properties for a dust-free finish, inside and out. Quick Car Detail & Waterless Car Wash slick hydrophobic properties makes a great clay pad lubricant. It is sun friendly, but you will get the best results when applied out of direct sunlight.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Waterless Car Wash: “Spray-on, Wipe-off” dirt with a clean, edgeless microfiber towel, folded in fours. Clean surface, one section at a time with light pressure to remove dirt and grime. Refold microfiber towel to a clean portion of the towel and buff surface to a smooth, glossy finish. Detail Spray; Spray-on, Wipe-off with clean, edgeless microfiber towel, then buff to amazing shine. Window cleaner: Spray-on, Wipe-off with clean, microfiber towel and buff off for a crystal-clear finish. Clay Lubricant: Spray-on surface and spray-on clay pad, rub pad in circular motion to remove contaminates. Wipe off, polish with CP1, wipe off residue and buff to amazing shine. Interior Detail: Spray-on LEVEL’s Reviving Cleaning Mitt or plush microfiber towel and clean all leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber. Wipe-off with clean microfiber towel and buff. NOTE: Because interior surfaces are porous, Quick Car Detail and Waterless Car Wash will leave interior surfaces with a clean, matte finish.

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