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Quick Detail Spray & Rince-Free Car Wash

Quick Detail Spray & Rince-Free Car Wash

Waterless Car Wash, PTFE Sealant, Anti-Static, 4 in 1 Car Wash Product, Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, RV and Boat Cleaning Made Easy

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Quick Car Detail & Waterless Car Wash. Experience the ultimate car cleaning with our 4-in-1, Anti-Static Quick Car Detailer & Waterless Car Wash. Effortlessly eliminate dirt, dust and grime with our waterless car wash. Revive and refresh your car's interior with our comprehensive detailing, rejuvenating various surfaces. Transform the exterior with our waterless cleaning and quick detailer to clean, touch-up, shine, and create a polished finish. This versatile product also doubles as a clay lubricant to remove contaminants from dull paint. Enjoy easy car cleaning with our spray-on/wipe-off detailing spray.

  • ULTIMATE CAR WASH: Our versatile, Anti-Static 4-in-1 car wash Quick Detailer is the absolute easiest way to clean, shine and detail your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV and boat! Suitable for a wide range of exterior and interior surfaces, this waterless car cleaning solution easily eliminates dirt, grime and mess.
  • INTERIOR CAR DETAILING: This comprehensive car detailing PTFE sealant revives the interior of your car. It’s designed to clean and refresh various interior car surfaces such as leather, vinyl, plastic, chrome, glass, fabric, and carpets.
  • EXTERIOR CAR DETAILING: Transform the exterior of your car with our waterless car detailing kit, providing PTFE sealant protection, brilliant shine and gloss to all exterior surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic, rubber and glass.
  • CAR CLAY LUBRICANT: Our car detailing product doubles as a clay lubricant, easily removing contaminants embedded in your car's paint. With its emulsifying lubricants it ensures smooth movement of the clay pad, eliminating paint-damaging particles.
  • CAR CLEANING MADE EASY: Our easy-to-use spray-on/wipe-off car detailing spray offers a hassle-free process that ensures a glossy finish in no time. Experience effortless application with our user-friendly spray bottle.

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    • Water-FREE Car Wash: Spray the product onto the surface and wipe off the dirt using a clean microfiber towel, applying light pressure to remove dirt and grime from painted surfaces. Then, use a clean portion of the towel to buff the surface for a smooth, glossy, shiny finish.
    • Quick Detail Spray (Interior or Exterior): Spray the product onto the surface, wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel, and then buff to achieve either a matte or amazing shine.
    • Clay Lubricant: Spray the product onto the surface, spray it onto a clay pad or clay bar, and rub the pad or bar in a circular motion to remove contaminants. Wipe off any residue.
    • NOTE: Because interior surfaces are porous, Quick Car Detail and Waterless Car Wash will leave interior surfaces with a clean, matte finish.
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