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Revive & Thrive Plastic Restorer & Protectant - Interior & Exterior

Revive & Thrive Plastic Restorer & Protectant - Interior & Exterior

Interior Exterior Auto Detailing Spray for Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles – Fast Drying, Non-Greasy Vinyl and Rubber Revitalizer

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Revive, protect, and restore your car, truck, SUV, Motorcycle, and boat with our powerful plastic restorer. This versatile product effortlessly brings back the original color, life, and luster of your vehicle's plastic, rubber, and vinyl surfaces. It's a must-have for your car detailing kit and car enthusiasts and professionals alike, as it provides deep color without dyes or silicone additives. Apply it easily on various interior and exterior surfaces, including leather, plastic, rubber, dashboards, seats, and trim. Experience professional results with its user-friendly formula and enjoy the convenience of quick and easy application. Bring your car back to life with Revive & Thrive plastic restorer.

  • RESTORES AND PROTECTS: Revive and restore the original color and luster of your car with our powerful plastic restorer for cars. Moisturize, revitalize, and protect worn-out plastic, rubber, and vinyl.
  • TRIM RESTORER: Revives the appearance of faded and aged car parts, creating a rich, deep color without relying on dyes, pigments, or silicone additives which makes it Body Shop safe. A must-have for your car detailing kit, it contains no dyes or color additives.
  • VERSATILE PLASTIC RESTORER: This multipurpose restorer spray can be used on interior and exterior car surfaces to recondition and moisturize the leather, plastic, rubber, bumpers, vinyl dashboards, consoles, door panels, seats, and car
  • CAR PROTECTION: Quick, easy, and efficient, Revive & Thrive trim restorer is the ultimate reviving car conditioner to restore and revitalize your car's exterior trim & interior panels, seats, and trim.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Effortlessly achieve professional results with the user-friendly formula of LEVEL Revive & Thrive plastic restorer for cars. Simply spray our plastic restorer for cars directly on the surface or apply it with a pad, wipe it in, and buff it off.

    Before and After


    1. Clean the surface with a good cleaner like LEVEL MPC Cleaner or POWER SUDS. Cleaning off dirt and grease will allow REVIVE & THRIVE to penetrate deeper into the surface.
    2. REVIVE & THRIVE can be sprayed on directly or use an applicator pad.
    3. Spread evenly and work into the surface with pad.
    4. Let sit for up to 10 minutes on dry or faded surfaces.
    5. Wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel.
    6. Silicone-free, Body Shop Safe formula.
    7. Keep from freezing.
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