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Total Armor Ceramic Coating

Total Armor Ceramic Coating

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TOTAL ARMOR, HIGH SOLID NANO CERAMIC COATING is the ultimate nano-coating protection solution against harmful effects like acid rains, bird droppings, scratches, UV rays, and lousy washing techniques.

TOTAL ARMOR is safe to apply to the body of your car, plastic trims, aluminum, metal and bumpers with a simple one-step application. TOTAL ARMOR will ensure up to 3 years of durable nano ceramic car coating protection. Its unique technology enables it to achieve a thick coating, and this coating effectively protects your car.

TOTAL ARMOR surfaces gain a superhydrophobic surface that results in an easy-clean. Water, mud, dust, grime; they all slide off, requiring little to no time and effort for a superior shine. The body of your vehicle stays cleaner and shinier for longer with TOTAL ARMOR just like the day you bought your car.


Unlike other nano ceramic coating and paint protection products, TOTAL ARMOR only gets crystallized at nano-level when applied, but not formed at a non-nano level. With one application, you get two-layering of protection. The bottom layer provides the soft touch, and the top layering hardens, thus ensuring maximum resistance and elasticity superior to other ceramic coatings. When applied correctly, TOTAL ARMOR will protect the surface for up to 3 years.


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